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Oil Spill Courses

The National Spill Control School

40 Hr Oil Spill Response HAZWOPER Certification
Stage equipment . Launch boats . Deploy the boom . Contain the spill
This is a 5 day course that is taught in the classroom and downtown Corpus Christi Marina. This hands-on training involves response techniques for oil spills in ports and harbors, rivers, canals, and open waters. Activities include small boat handling, boom deployment and recovery, pump and skimmer operations, response strategies, and more. Incorporates HAZWOPER safety for oil spill responders. [AVAILABLE IN SPANISH. Call for details.]

Formaly titled 'HAZWOPER for Oil Spill Response'
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Oil Spill Response Strategies & Tactics (On-Water Course)
Skip the Classroom . Start Field Training . Learn Advanced Tactics
This 3 day course is designed to provide field training in developing oil spill response strategies and tactical operations. The training revolves around hands-on, field exercises in trailering, staging area design & set-up, boat launching & boat handling, anchor systems, boom deployment and recovery, basic and advanced booming strategies/tactics, shoreline recovery systems and shoreline cleanup, and pump and skimmer operations in bays, ports and inland waterways.
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OHMSETT Oil Spill Training in Leonardo, NJ
Spill real oil . Perform the cleanup
During the 4 day training at the Ohmsett test facility in New Jersey that's exactly what you'll do. Plus, get spill management team training in the NIIMS Incident Command System to learn how to become an integral part of a successful response.
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Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team Member (SCAT)
Assess the shoreline . Protect shoreline resources
This 3 day course is designed to provide field training in shoreline characterization and assessment of oil spill impacts on those shorelines and their associated resources. The course revolves around hands-on field exercises in boats and walking the different types of shorelines. Participants will use standardized shoreline assessment forms, global positioning systems and GIS to develop a SCAT database for planners to use in developing protective action and response strategies for different shorelines.
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GIS & GPS for Oil Spill Management
Combine GIS & GPS technology . Use maps & weather
Spend 2 days learning how to combine off-the-shelf GIS and GPS technologies, existing sources of map data, realtime weather information, visual intelligence and exciting new emerging technologies to construct a complete Oil Spill Management toolkit.
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On-Site Drills & Exercises
Fulfill federal, private, and military requirements
The NSCS has many years experience in conducting disaster drills and exercises for federal agencies, private sector interests, and military clients. Whether a basic tabletop drill or a full deployment exercise, involving an experienced outside team with a track record of success makes a tremendous difference in the success of the drill and the quality of the learning experience. OPA90 drills and training available.

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